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The Best Pore Minimizers

Witch Hazel - A Natural Pore Minimizer

Witch Hazel

I’m not a fan of synthetic pore minimizers. They often have a temporary tightening effect, giving the feeling they are closing the pores, but over time, the results I have seen are not good. It’s as though they cause the skin to become stretched so that it looses some of its elasticity and you can end up with a bigger problem than when you started. So I only use natural products on my skin

These are the best natural pore minimizers I have found:

witch hazel

rose water

orange water

apple cider vinegar


– calendula

elderberry flowers

green tea




My recommendation is to look for products made from these natural astringents. They can help all skin types to:

– minimize the size of pores

– reduce eruptions

– restore pH balance

– sooth irritations

– leave skin refreshed and glowing



Hydrosol pore minimizers are ideally suited for dry skin, provided they contain no alcohol – some witch hazel extracts, for instance, often contain 14% alcohol. These are to be avoided in favor of alcohol-free extracts.


Calendula Infusing In Witch Hazel


Along with minimizing pores, we also want to deeply cleanse them. Cleansers are often alkaline and can cause the skin to lose its protective, acidic mantle. That sets the stage for a whole raft of problems. The solution is to use a product that is pH balanced so the skin is left in good shape after the deep cleansing has been done. Botanical toners do the job very well.


I’ve found a natural exfoliant to be very helpful in getting deep into the pores and cleaning them out, The best I have found up to now are based on finely-ground salts – so finely ground they are like powder. That’s what worked for me back when I had acne, and I now use a natural exfoliant twice a week to make sure I get deeply into the pores and clean them. It makes a huge difference to my skin. Different oils can help to clean the skin, too. I especially like jojoba oil, as it dissolves any other oils that may be clogging my pores.

You can find out more about these products by clicking on the links in the Resources box on the right of the screen. I’ll be writing more about the individual ingredients and how they work to minimize the pores, and what you can do, naturally and simply, to create beautiful, luminous skin.

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Organic Facial Toner

Powered by Nature…

Nine natural astringents, grown and processed organically, to make Toner Superieure a pore minimizer to say hello to!

“I’ve tried so many different products to help keep my skin even, smooth and toned. This stuff works wonders and has cleared up my sensitive acne prone skin very fast without being harsh.” N.D.

Be Cool, Get Cucumbers

When it’s hot, the hot get cucumbers.


You can use cucumber pads directly on your skin to

    soothe itchy skin
    relieve rashes
    treat puffy eyes
    brighten dark circles
    clean pores

They are delicious, of course, in salads and juice – perfect raw beauty food!

They contain most of the vitamins and minerals we need.

And they are in season now!



For a facial toner to work at minimizing pores, it must contain ingredients that are astringent, meaning they cause tissue to contract, and thus the pores to tighten.

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent natural astringent.

It is also best to use astringents that reset the pH of your skin to its ideal, very-slightly acidic, balance.

I have found 9 natural astringents that work very well to make toners that minimize pores.

You can click through the booklet to learn more about them, and to find out what works best for you.

As you will see, you can make your own facial toner from ingredients in your kitchen. And if you look at the ingredients of natural facial toners, you will see that the ingredients are not exotic, and can all be purchased easily enough, if you do not already have them.

I was reminded of this by a post in Zimbio that gives 5 Homemade Toner Recipes.

Here is the first one:

Cucumber & Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Give your skin a healthy glow with this homemade cucumber-apple cider vinegar toner. To prepare the same, take 50ml apple cider vinegar and juice of one middle-sized cucumber and mix the ingredients carefully. Dip a clean cotton pad in the derived potion, squeeze off excess and use the slightly wet cotton piece to clean your face and neck. Let your skin dry and see the wonderful effect it has on your complexion.




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There are 3 main reasons:

– Cleanse your skin

– Minimize your pores

– Restore your skin’s pH balance.

The following quote talks to the pore minimizing part, and the other 2 reasons are covered in the rest of their post, at the link below.

A good skin toner will minimize the appearance of unsightly pores that are so large you’d think they are actually nares. Kidding aside, pores are good to help ventilate the skin and allow the natural oil to come up and protect your skin; however, those that are really large have to be concealed or better, minimized in appearance. This will, in turn, make your skin look smoother and healthier. Stay Healthy & Fabulous




A 30-second treatment with natural salts folded into rich emollients can leave your face glowing and radiant as if you’d just had a 1-hour facial. And it is especially helpful in deeply cleaning large or blocked pores.

Salt’s granular texture creates a gently abrasive scrub that loosens dead skin cells. Dead cells cause the skin to look tired and dull. With a little scrubbing they melt away and your skin looks vibrant again.

Any granular textured ingredient can work as a scrubbing agent, but salt does much more than just scrub the skin. It also deeply cleans the pores, purifying and, disinfecting them. And it stimulates the skin’s surface circulation. The result is immediate: glowing, polished skin radiant with health.

Sea salt is made by evaporating seawater, but every ocean is different and every seaside spot on the globe produces salt with a unique mineral makeup. The seawater absorbs minerals from the ocean floor. When collected and dried, the water evaporates leaving behind mineral-rich salt.

Coarse sea salt can be too abrasive for the skin but that’s no reason to avoid the skin rejuvenating effects of a salt exfoliant. Natural salts can be milled to a fine powdery texture that won’t irritate even sensitive skin. French Grey Sea Salt, for example, has a texture that is ideal for skin care. French spas have used it for centuries to refresh dull skin. The French still extract the salt by using clay pots to hold the seawater while it evaporates in the sun. Then they mill the coarse grains into a fine mineral-rich powder that is ideal for skincare.. The grey color, and some additional minerals, come from the clay pots.

The sea isn’t the only place to get mineral-rich salt. Salt deposits from mountainous regions contain unique mineral compositions. Natural salt deposits harvested from the Bolivian Andes have a pink color due to the fine particles of iron it contains. The same goes for Pink Himalaya Rock Salt.
When these natural, finely-milled salts are folded into moisturizing oils and emollients, you get a salt exfoliant that doubles as a moisturizer. So with a simple 30-second treatment once or twice a week:

– Dead cells are removed
– Skin is smoother
– Pores are cleaned and disinfected
– Circulation is stimulated
– Face glows like you’ve just had a facial
– Breakouts are reduced
– Complexion stays clear

Beautiful skin is simple. It does not take a lot of time, or a lot of products. It is just a matter of using your time and your money wisely. Routine exfoliation with a pure, organic product is one of the best things you can do for your complexion, and it takes hardly any time or money to make a habit of it. You will love the results.


Here is a great post by Orphelia Ramirez, in SeniorFitness.com. She starts by saying

Never worry if you don’t have the time or money for a beauty parlor face treatment — Do-it-yourself versions making use of regular products are a restorative way to rejuvenate.

And she goes on to provide practical tips about how you can make super treatments for yourself, at low cost, using all-natural, high-quality ingredients, including pore minimizers you can rely on.

Check out the post for the rest of the information.

Concealing Large Pores

Mid 30 celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and other Hollywood A-Listers have reportedly been using products to conceal the appearance of large pores. Debenams.com

My approach to skin care is focused on creating beautiful, luminous skin that you are happy to show the world. It works for me. I’m in my 60’s, and I do not use makeup, much less concealers. You can click on the image here and enlarge it to see the results. I have some small wrinkles around my eyes, but that’s it.

However, I can see that makeup and concealers can be helpful in some situations, especially if you have large pores and need to hide them right now. While I would advise anyone to use these natural astringents as their long-term approach to minimizing pores, you can check out short term remedies at Debenham’s post, above. I love it’s title, too – “Strive for Pore-fection.” Check it out for advice on products to cover up large pores.


A facial toner isn’t just for makeup removal. Fundamentally, it is used to to gently clear your pores; to smooth out your complexion and to leave your face feeling refreshed. It will make your pores feel tighter and will soothe and comfort your skin. It helps to prevent acne from forming by keeping your pores clean and unclogged. BrenditasBodyWorks

natural astringentsCheck out Brendita’s list of the best ingredients to use in a facial toner. You will find the list at the above link. There are some items on her list – tea tree oil, for instance – that are not in my list of the best natural astringents for use in facial toners, but hey, we all have things to teach and things to learn. So check out her site to read more.

As to whether facial toning is really necessary – well for people with large pores, I think it is, for sure. There are 2 main reasons. The first is that the right toner will adjust the pH balance of your skin and keep it healthier and less vulnerable to breakouts; the second is that the right toner will minimize your pores and give you a smoother complexion. Both of these require regular attention. A toner, used every day after cleansing, is an ideal way to get the job done.

Apple cider vinegar has been known to do wonders when it comes to skin disorders. So, the solution can also be used to reduce open pores. This can be used at night before going to sleep and with a cotton ball soaked with the vinegar, apply it as a toner-like. HealthCareTips101

apple cider vinegarThese are several helpful tips in the above article about how to deal with large pores. Two of them can actually be combined. The article talks of using ice cubes to shrink pores. This will work. But you can get more out of the cold temperature approach if you add a natural astringent to the picture. For example, you could keep apple cider vinegar in the refrigerator and put it onto your skin when it is cold. That way you get the benefit of apple cider vinegar’s chemical astringency, plus the effect of its coldness.

I’m a big fan of apple cider vinegar. Aside from shrinking the pores, it has natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that can do a lot to keep your complexion clear and your face free of breakouts.

Check out the article for more helpful tips about how to deal with large pores.

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You can’t get rid of pores permanently. You can only minimize them and maintain its tightness to lessen the appearance of those unpleasant open pores. Acne Removal Remedies

There are 3 masks described in the above post that are easy to make at home. I have not used tomato or egg whites to shrink pores, but I am very familiar with the use of cucumber as a natural astringent. Check out the post to see how to make masks for yourself with natural ingredients, at a fraction the cost you would pay for commercial products.

As you know, pores do not “stay minimized.” You have to regularly reduce them with astringents. The more gentle and safe the products you use, the better – and, of course, the more cost effective they are, the better as well.

Green tea is a good choice, too, and so is apple cider vinegar. They are easy to use and, besides being safe and effective ways to shrink pores, they will provide relief from breakouts and restore the pH balance of your skin to protect you from future flare-ups.

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